Alisha Mowder

Connected Journal

Role: Designer

Connected is a journal from OpenTable that shares visual and written stories that go beyond the restaurant table. In this journal, we shared restaurant experiences from sister cities, New York and London. The OpenTable brand team produced a beautiful, 120-page book with writings and photographs from both cities. 

Photographers: Emma Hardy (NYC) and Daniel Shea (LON) 

Writers: Ian Frisch (NYC) and Tom Morris (LON)


Digital Journal


My role as a designer on the team was to interpret the printed book into a digital format. With limited engineering resources, I had to get creative on how we were going to share the Connected stories on a digital platform. I sought out partnerships and Exposure fit the bill in allowing us to showcase the writings and photographs from the journal.

See it here

THE SEA by connected.png


My second part in the project was to source and art direct an illustrator to create maps for both cities. We found London-based illustrator Ryn Frank who's simple and refined style perfectly aligned with our idea to leverage the traveler's journal: an illustrative representation of the traveling done by the Connected writers and photographers. The spot illustrations in the map are also incorporated throughout the book as sidebar content.