Alisha Mowder

Back to the Roots Shipper Box

Client: Back to the Roots

Role: Packaging design, Illustration

Back to the Roots is an Oakland-based start-up on a mission to connecting people with their food. From "ready-to-grow" to "ready-to-eat" products, Back to the Roots prides themselves on being innovators in the natural food industry. Their products are sold in thousands of locations including Whole Foods, Target and The Home Depot. 

I came on as a contract designer to articulate their rebrand by Bex Brands across product and marketing. One of these projects involved redesigning their shipper boxes. Often found in warehouses with thousands of other products, I worked closely with the Operations and Product Development manager to clarify the constraints and considerations. 


  • On the side panels, if read alone, it could be confused for tomatoes (grocery/produce).
  • Barcode to move to left/right to avoid taped area.
  • Better define hierarchy of information on each panel.
  • Larger logo.

The design system

  • Hierarchy
  • Color palette
  • Graphic language


  • Graphic representation of product (Self watering planter) instead of written out.
  • Larger color block graphic also helps set clear hierarchy of information.
  • Product “flavor” (cherry tomato) is a pattern of whimsical illustrations that add a playfulness to the brand.
  • Barcode meets operational placement concerns.
  • Logo is now ~4x larger and wraps at corners that allows for multiple viewpoints.